See and feel how people lived
from 1804 to 1965.

Everyday people rarely appear in history books. Here at our museum things are different. We bring ordinary people back to life, allowing visitors to experience what they experienced. Our living history re-enactors wear authentic reproductions of period clothing and perform everyday rural and domestic tasks, such as threshing, breaking flax, cooking and washing. They present three different eras. Firstly, how farmers, farmers' wives, elderly people, labourers and maids lived the early 19th century. Secondly they take visitors back to the early 20th century, demonstrating how a fisherman and his family lived. Finally they recreate the lives of a refugee family in the post-war era. All of the re-enactors talk to visitors, telling them about rural life in these eras.

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Gelebte Geschichte

Findet statt: Gelebte Geschichte 1804, 1904 & 1945

Im Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg wird die Vergangenheit lebendig! Im Pringens Hof und seinen…

Findet statt: Gelebte Geschichte 1804, 1904 & 1945