‘Stoof Mudders Kroog’ museum tavern

The building was erected between 1698 and 1703 in Marschacht to provide a home for the widows of the parish's pastors. If the parish had no pastors' widows to care for, it was rented out. From 1815 onwards the building was used as a tavern and was taken over by Heinrich Stoof in 1891. Over time, the building's original purpose as a home for pastors' widows and the corresponding limitation on use were forgotten.

Today we use it as ‘Stoof Mudders Kroog’, the museum tavern, which is named after the last tenant, Ella Stoof. Her neighbours called her ‘Stoof Mudder’ (Mother Stoof) and she was famous for her fried potato dishes and other regional specialities. In keeping with such a traditional tavern, the menu includes ‘Eten as freuer' (food from the old days) and seasonal regional dishes such as asparagus, pumpkin, salted herring and goose for four - not just on Martinmas.

Opening times
Closed on Monday
More information in German on the website of the museum's tavern.
The Stoof Mudders Kroog team will be happy to organise your event - also outside regular opening times.


Tel. (040) 79 14 44 98
E-Mail: post@stoof-mudders-kroog.de
Tavern: www.stoof-mudders-kroog.de
Shop: www.stoof-mudders-laden.de

Der Außenbereich des Museumsgasthofes "Stoof Mudders Kroog". (Bild FLMK)
Im Sommer wird zusätzlich draußen Eis verkauft. (Bild FLMK)

"Das Wegwitz". Café and roastery

Follow the smell of fresh coffee which will take you to the café and roastery! Since August 2023 Gerd Popow, well-known tenant of the museum tavern "Stoof Mudders Kroog" for a quarter of a century, also provides coffee and cakes at the café in the Agrarium. The beans are roasted in-house and used to prepare fresh coffee, which visitors can drink while enjoying home-made cakes and gateaux baked on the premises. The newly set up café is named "Das Wegewitz" after founder and former director of the museum, Willi Wegewitz.

The coffee roasting machine dating from 1932 and the sorting table are the historic heart of the café, located on the ground floor of the Agrarium. The roasting machine belonged to the Carl Wilhelms coffee roastery in Hamburg until 1982, when it was acquired by the open-air museum.

Opening times
Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm

Tel. (0 40) 79 14 44 96
E-Mail: post@das-wegewitz.de
Website: www.das-wegewitz.de

Das Rösterei-Café befindet sich im Agrarium vom Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg und lädt zum Verweilen ein. (Bild FLMK)