Christmas arts and crafts market

On the first and third Advent weekends before Christmas artists and craftspeople from all over Germany come to Kiekeberg to sell their products - always from Friday to Sunday. Every exhibitor specialises in a different craft, so there truly is something for everyone. All of the products on offer are made by the exhibitors themselves, sometimes with the help of family members if the business is small.

Selbstgemachtes auf den Weihanchtsmärkten der Kunsthandwerker auf dem Kiekeberg (Bild: FLMK)

Spring arts and crafts market

It goes without saying that the market includes a wide range of Easter decorations. As well as eggs - painted, perforated or carved; made from wood, glass and ceramics - there are lots of Easter-themed home décor products. Garden lovers are also sure to find something they love from among the exceptionally diverse offering of plant labels, figurines and ceramic products. Many of the stallholders have been coming to the market for many years, but every year we also welcome a large number of ‘newbies’, ensuring that regular visitors will also find something new to enjoy.

Ostereier bemalen beim Kunsthandwerkermarkt im Frühjahr auf dem Kiekeberg (Bild: FLMK)
Selbstgemachtes Porzelan beim Kunsthandwerkermarkt im Frühjahr auf dem Kiekeberg (Bild: FLMK)