Many roads lead
to Kiekeberg!

At 127 m Kiekeberg hill is the second highest ‘summit’ in the hilly Harburger Berge (Harburg mountains) region. Surrounded by the extensive woods and forests of the Rosengarten district, Kiekeberg Open-Air Museum offers plenty to see and do on a day out. It can be reached by bicycle, on foot, by car or using public transport.

Travel by car

A7, Hamburg-Marmstorf exit (Exit 34)

A261, Hamburg-Marmstorf-Lürade exit (Exit 2)

Follow the signs for the museum from the motorway exits!
Ample parking is available for cars and coaches.

For your navigation system:
Am Kiekeberg 1
21224 Rosengarten-Ehestorf

Achtung Baustelle! Sperrung des Ehestorfer Heuwegs

Bis Sommer 2023 ist der Ehestorfer Heuweg vollständig gesperrt. Die Umleitung führt über die Autobahn A7 oder über die Hauptstraßen Ehestorfer Weg, Weusthoffstraße und Milchgrund. Bitte beachten Sie die längeren Anfahrtszeiten, wenn Sie bei uns ein Angebot gebucht haben.

Beachten die auch, dass die Baustelle auch den öffentlichen Nahverkehr beeinflussen kann.

Using HVV public transport to get to Kiekeberg

Our museum is easy to reach by bus. The ‘Ehestorf, Museum Kiekeberg’ stop is right outside our door.

From Harburg
HVV Bus: No. 4210 (travelling to Klecken Station/Buchholz station)
HVV Bus: No. 340 (travelling to Neuwiedenthal S-Bahn station)

From Neuwiedenthal S-Bahn station
HVV-Bus: No. 340 (travelling to Harburg)

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How to get to us by bike.

Why not combine a visit to the museum with a bike tour? The museum is located directly on the Hamburg-Bremen long-distance cycle path. The familiar ADFC green signs mark the route from Hamburg (and vice versa). Enjoy a rest and recharge your batteries in the museum's ‘Stoof Mudders Kroog’ tavern or in the ‘Koffietied’ café and roastery.

Covered bicycle racks are located directly outside the entrance building. Lockers to store your luggage and valuables while you visit the museum are available in the exhibition building.

For more information about cycle routes and recommendations for tours around our region visit: